8 de março de 2014


Branco. Paz. Calma. Sossego.

Absolutely beautiful grey, silver, and white room. The candles make it even more whimsical. 

Total white room | i like the window, but I would like to have it more in the ceiling so I could look at the stars at night

white white white. I love this white room, the little touch of pink as well.. just so relaxing ;) 
All white rooms. I only wish I could have a white room. Think maybe when the kids r older. -J
total white 

I want a bed in the corner of my room with a lot of pillows, and I want some old used wood in my room too.
example of a white room that looks cosy because of all the textures and soft neutrals

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  1. Adoro!!não vejo a hora de ter a minha casa para decorar:)



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